The heavy duty Fast-Way Cement Auger with bag breaker (when bulk cement is not available) and a small pour is required, can be used with 94# cement bags. It can be used with the Fast-Way batch plant, and can be equipped with electric motor, gas engine or diesel motor.

For contractors on the move, control your contracts without a large investment. Produce concrete at any location. Here’s all you need: a Fast-Way Batch Plant, a Fast-Way Cement Auger, a mixer truck and a loader.

The cement auger tube is quickly raised from the tow position by the hand winch. After inserting the mast safety pin, the auger is ready for production.



  • Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft. with Internal Bag Splitter, Removable Grate, and Weather Cover


  • 6″ Dia. Tubular, 23′ 6″ Long
  • Incline: at 45 degrees
  • Discharge Height: 16′
  • Hydraulic Drive: 3HP 240/480 VAC 3 Phase

Optional Equipment
(at additional cost)

  • Gasoline or Diesel Engine Drive