This is the Fast-Way to produce concrete. Whether you need to set up on a small job or stationary site, the Fast-Way silo is the answer.

The Fast-Way 275 barrel mobile silo is self-contained. It is specially equipped with a special designed trailer and hydraulic system, which allows the silo to lie down during transport. Once at the job site, the self-contained hydraulic system will erect the silo without crane assistance. After the silo has been erected the trailer can be disconnected by removing a few bolts and unhooking four hydraulic quick couplers.

Towing the cement silo at highway speeds can be done easily with a one-ton pickup. Since the silo and trailer fall within the legal length and width boundaries, no oversize permits are required to tow them. In addition to transport, the silo and trailer come completely equipped with trailer brakes, tail lights, stop lights and signal lights.

Since all the components stay intact while in transport, there is no major installation on the job site. Once the silo is on location, the silo is self-contained with a gas-engine powered hydraulic system. This system eliminates the need for electricity to erect your silo. You are now ready to produce concrete the Fast-Way!


  • Cement gravity drops form the silo into the weigh hopper.
  • The air blower charges the hopper.
  • The butterfly valve is opened.
  • The cement is delivered into the mixer truck.



  • Silo: 1155 cu. ft = 275 barrel
  • Weigh Hopper:  75 cu. ft., approx. 7000 lbs. material per cycle

Air System

  • 4″ dia. Pneumatic Fill Line
  • Air Supply Blower: for Silo Aeration and Weigh Hopper Evacuation 180 CFM at 15 PSI mean sea level
  • Air Blower Drive: 240/480 VAC 3 Phase 10 H.P.
  • Silo Discharge Control: 10″ Dia. Manual Valve
  • Weigh Hopper Inlet Control: 10″ Dia. Manual Valve
  • Discharge Height: 13′ 4″


  • 10,000 lb./4,540 kg. 4 cell Electronic Suspension Scale System 0.6″ High LED Display

Safety Features

  • Continuous ladder with climbing safety device and belt. Upper handrail, combination sight port and man access.
  • Trailer Chassis: Electric Brakes, Tail, Stop and Clearance Lights

Silo Lifting Systems

  • Hydraulic Pump Drive: Gasoline Engine 15 H.P., Manual Start

Optional Equipment (At Additional Cost)

  • Air Blower Drive: Diesel or Gasoline Engine

Travel Dimensions and Data

  • Overall Height Erected: 36′ 8 1/2″
  • Travel Length: 38′ 2 1/2″
  • Width: 8′ 6″
  • Height: 11′
  • Road Clearance: 12″
  • Weight at Hitch: 1600 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 14,080 lbs.
  • Shipping Volume: 3427 cu. ft.